Get shredded, learn to defend yourself and build unshakeable confidence

by using The Fighter's Gym in your pocket with only 20 minutes of training a day

Why Join Us?


  • Can you protect yourself and your loved ones?

  • Do you radiate greatness when you enter a room?

  • Are you part of a tribe of winners?

  • Do you have the right support network?

If not, it's your duty to change something.

The Fightgecko Combat Club isn't just an average online program. it's a brotherhood of relentless warriors who hunger for more in life and stop at nothing to achieve it. We arm you with the ultimate arsenal to sculpt yourself into an unstoppable force.

5 Pillars of the Combat Club

Protect Your Loved Ones

Empower yourself with the Combat Club's expert boxing and muay thai training which you can use for the rest of your life. Confidently protect yourself and your loved ones.

It All Starts With The Right Technique

A single coach is often training too many people at once, mistakes and bad practice will sneak in without you realizing. Instead of the usual 'one-size-fits-all' approach at gyms, we applied the 1-on-1 Video Analysis System that professional and world champion fighters use into our academy.

Brotherhood Awaits

Learn from five professional coaches and dive into our circle of warriors where support and strength reign 24/7. It's more than training. It's about forging unbreakable bonds all around the world.

Train Anytime, Anyplace

Wherever you stand becomes your battleground. With the Combat Club, every location is an opportunity to train, grow, and conquer. Home or away - with our 20 body weight programs, you will never need a gym anymore.

Build Unshakeable Confidence

Reprogram your mind for unwavering confidence in every situation. Discover techniques to overcome self-doubt, embrace difficulties, and build discipline.

The Combat Club Is For You If:

  • You have an interest in combat sports and are finally ready to learn how to fight.

  • You already trained at the gym or tried different diets that haven't gotten you the results you desired.

  • You know deep inside that you can’t protect yourself or your family.

  • You want a training routine that takes only 20 minutes per day and fits into your schedule.

  • You want the flexibility to improve your skills whenever and wherever you want, without the need of a gym or equipment.

  • You want to feel confident in your combat abilities so you can spar without getting hurt.

  • You want to become the best and most disciplined version of yourself.

Your New Coaches

Meet The Men That Will Change Your Life

Fabian Ene

Founder of FightGecko And The Combat Club, Coach

I developed the FightGecko training method for a reason. Learning to fight, getting in shape and confident, changed my own whole life. I went from a depressed guy with no goals and motivation in life, laying all day in bed, feeling miserable and like shit for years, into the mentor coach entrepreneur and public speaker I am today.

Marcel Montana Rumpler

Olympic Boxer, FightGecko Coach

Marcel has had over 100 professional fights in his lifetime, boxed at the olympics and took home several trophies. He will work alongside you everyday to train, coach and educate you, as well as hundreds of other men that want to get their health, shape and confidence straight.

Pavel Trusov

Guinness Record Holder, FightGecko Coach

Pavel Trusov holds the guinness book world record for the most full extension punches in one minute. Like the other coaches, he provides daily feedback and exclusive 1 on 1 advice in our private Combat Club community.

Howo Ghu

Professional Fighter, Boxer, FightGecko Coach

Howo the legend, with over 35 professional fights and over 10 years of experience in boxing. He teaches you several boxing combinations.

Hayk Ghu

Professional Fighter, Boxer, FightGecko Coach

Hayk, with over 10 years of experience in fighting has started his journey at a young age. With 13 he already was a champion in the northern region of germany. You will learn the mastery of self and how to keep a clear head when you're in a fight.

Programs & Courses

Your New Training Programs

Programs & Courses

Your New Training Programs

1. Speed Program By Pavel Trusov

A special course by Pavel Trusov, with heavy focus on explosive speed. Enhance your fighting and combat speed to the next level.

2. Build Your Fighter's Body

Full 10-week system based on callisthenics and muay thai that you can perform at home without equipment. It's designed to make you stronger and more confident.

3. Boxing Bootcamp By Olympian

This 8-week Boxing Camp is led by Olympic boxer Marcel Montana Rumpler, who has over 100 professional fights to his name.

Professional coaches - Hayk, Howo & Fabian will help you further enhance your boxing arsenal with 38 additional combinations.

5. Master Your Footwork

Footwork is the core of martial arts. This is why we dedicated an entire course towards mastering it. You will learn how to attack and defend yourself more.

6. Increase Your Fighter's IQ

The goal of this course is for you to understand how fighting really works and unleash your fighting IQ. Fighting is like chess and you'll become the best at it.

Dive in depth into working with calisthenics and find instructions for almost every body weight training that you can think of.

8. Bonus Content

New content dropping every month based on the requests of our members. Be ready for some real gems from Fabian and guest instructors.

Start Your Transformation

February Offer

$67 instead of $97 after the free trial!

February Offer - $67 instead of $97 after the free trial!

Combat Club Members

Results From The Members Of The Combat Club


Learned The Basics With The Combat Club

Hussein never went to the gym and gained 7kg of pure muscle by following the nutrition guide from the Combat Club. He learned the basics of muay thai using the online programs and technique feedback.


Lost 50kgs of body fat and improvied his health drastically

Using the workout programs from the Combat Club, it suddenly started to become very easy for Jasper to workout. He improved his condition drastically and lost over 50kgs of body fat.

No Great Man In History Became Exceptional alone

Listen To What Our Members have to say

Are You Ready?

The Combat Club Is Waiting For You.

Will this be too difficult for me?

The best part about the FightGecko Combat Club is that you could start with absolutely no fitness or fighting experience. We will literally take you step by step as you progress in your journey as an athlete.

What equipment do I need access to?

For most of our programs, you'll just need your phone or a laptop so you can follow along as you perform your training. All you need is the right information and feedback which you will both get from our expert coaches.

What is the diet that I will need to follow?

The full diet plan is discussed in detail within the nutrition guide. The diet consists of managing the amount you eat in terms of calories and protein based on your specific body weight.

Why should I spend money on your program?

Fabian has earned his results through years of trial and error, injuries, and over $10,000 spent on training programs. The same can be said for the rest of the FightGecko Team. We made this program accessible for everyone for a cheap amount of money.